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The Orlando Residents page is designed to assist new and existing residents by providing an online portal for people to come to in order to get all of the information that they need as residents of the city beautiful.

We provide links to tools and resources that are designed to make it easier for you to find what you need quickly. Although Google is an amazing engine sometimes local websites do not get the proper exposure that they need to make a powerful impact to the people that they serve.

Many great resources get lost in all of the noise of the search engine and sometimes they suffer as well as the people that they are designed to help suffer because they are not able to find their product or services.

OrlandoTV provides you with an indepth viewof what is happening in our community. You can view the live stream here.

Local Services

CODIV 19 Vaccines


There are several places where you can go to get a vaccine. Many places are opening in the next fes weeks and will give you the opportunity to get vaccinated free. We will provide you a list of the links to the  vaccination locations in the Orlando area.

Financial Assistance

There are a lot of residents that are finding themselves in need of help with their financial situation. Since the pandemic shut down a lot of hospitality jobs many people had to rely on getting by with savings, unemployment or stimulous money. It is especially difficult on families that have children. There are resources out there that ytou can apply for that will help you get back on your feet as we continue to fight this pandemic.

Food Assistance

  • There has been a lot of layoffs in our community and many families are struggling to make ends meet. Because of the loss of income for many feeding their family has been challenging. However, there are several places where you can get food. Below we have provided a list of agencies and organizations that will help you with your nutritional needs. You can use these links to find the closest place to you to get help with food and to volunteer if you would like to help.


    Orlando Food Banks
    Second Harvest Food Bank
    Food Locator Tool
    Heart of Florida United Way 211

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